Trade terms and conditions

Trade terms and conditions

How to purchase

LINN-S is specialized in manufacturing and offering customized tabi shoes. Order your customized shoes from our official shop after selecting your pair from a wide variety of products and characteristics that are available.

  1. Enter your personal information.
  2. Enter your shipping information.
  3. Select a model of tabishoes. (Custom order model or Igaryu Ninja official model)
  4. Select an upper. (Only for custom order model)
  5. Select a lining pattern. (Only for custom order model)
  6. Select a color of side rubber. (Only for custom order model)
  7. Select a sole color. (Only for custom order model)
  8. Select your size.
  9. Select your desired quantity.
  10. Confirm the details of your order.

Payment method

You can use your credit card or Paypal account.

  • PayPal
    If you wish to make the payment by using the PayPal service, you need to register and open your account at the website of PayPal in advance.

Delivery method

  • Your product is delivered by Express Mail Service (EMS) or the international delivery service offered by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
  • You cannot specify the delivery time or date.
  • If your product cannot be delivered and is returned to us at your convenience, we will bill you the charges for returning the product to us and reshipping it to you.

Cancellation or change of your order after confirming it

  • You cannot cancel your order once you confirm it.
  • Before placing an order, you must understand and fully know what products you are ordering on the relevant product pages. You may also make inquiries via our Help page.

Returning or changing products

Price indication

  • The price of every product shown at the online shop is the current price (JPY).

Use environment

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Customer service

Inquiries can be made via our Help page.

  • Operating hours: Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Japan standard time).
  • Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, summer holidays and year-end through New Year holidays

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