LINN-S is proactive, healing footwear designed based on the rubber soled socks which are worn by steeplejacks working on unstable scaffolds.

Jika-tabi (meaning “tabi that contact the ground”), which are the prototype of LINN-S, were developed to provide a good grip where footing can be poor outdoors. By adopting a style that separates the big toes from the other toes, the big toe firmly grips odd-shaped scaffolding or the ground, while the thin sole takes the shape of the ground to give your foot a better grip.

LINN-S is active footwear that utilizes the characteristics specific to Japanese style jika-tabi.
If you start walking by wearing LINN-S, you will feel directly the uneven surface under your feet by gripping the ground while feeling as though you were walking in your bare feet.
Instantly, you will be highly aware that you have been walking with an unnatural and unhealthy posture, and jika-tabi will give you a stronger sense of being closer to nature. While you walk, you will start feeling the energy of the earth as jika-tabi imbue you with a Zen-like state of mind or as though you were in the holy land of the Native Americans.

Does walking cause you irritation or pain?
The answer is ‘yes’ for many people.
That’s because the energy from the ground is transmitted directly to the soles of your feet with the feeling that you are walking in your bare feet.
It is for that reason that LINN-S converts casual movement into exercise.

LINN-S suggests for you a style for living beautifully.
LINN-S helps you to live your life like you desire.