Health Care


What LINN-S offers for you

LINN-S is footwear embodying Japanese wisdom. The formfitting hook, easily maintainable washable material and short boots style keeps your ankle stress free.

However, LINN-S’s true value lies in the excellent benefit offered to you in the area of healthcare.

This style of footwear separates the big toe from the other toes giving you the sense of walking in your bare feet. Moreover, this footwear actively prevents painful bunions and their symptoms with the same effect of placing gauze or the like between your big toe and second toe.

Japanese people never experienced bunions in the past because traditionally they wore a Japanese sandal called zori, and tabi.

Maintain and improve Activity of Daily Living(ADL)

Misalignment causing bunions

“Misalignment” in this case refers to a loss of bone alignment that forms the arches in our feet (i.e. plantar arches). Arches are formed by many bones located in the toe that lead to the ankles. If the proper structure or angle is lost, troubles will develop which inevitably lead to other problems in our day-to-day life.

Bunions develop when you continue to wear poorly fitting footwear if your arches are genetically poorly structured. This will cause alignment problems.

Even if bunions develop, some people do not experience any pain that is normally associated with them. So there are people who continue to wear poorly fitting shoes even after they have developed bunions without pain. However, if you leave the symptoms untreated, misalignment will worsen and the pain may become so debilitating that you can no longer walk. In worst case scenarios, your big toe can be pulled out of its joint.

LINN-S has adopted a style that separates the big toe from the other toes thereby allowing the muscles which move the big toe to be used more flexibly. This will allow you to feel as though you were walking in your bare feet.

This will control your foot motion and posture to prevent misalignment, and the development of bunions.

Stimulating your brain

Is your memory failing you? If so, your working memory, the cognitive function of your brain, may not be performing at its best. Could it be that your working memory is slowly losing its power. We sometimes say that the soles of our feet are directly connected to our brain. Electromagnetic waves and stress accumulated in our bodies are released when we walk barefoot. Our attentiveness and senses become more finely tuned to our environment thereby stimulating our cognitive function.

The soles of LINN-S are designed to be thin to make you feel as though you are walking barefoot. These shoes allow the bottom of your feet to be directly stimulated, thereby helping stimulate our brain power.


Various abnormal conditions caused by the deformation of heels

If you have neck, shoulder or back ache, one primary cause may be related to the bottom of your feet. We often unconsciously have poor posture to place a burden on our feet, which in turn has a negative effect on our skeleton. It is very important to keep the correct posture to maintain our health. Indeed, the bottom of our feet, especially the heel bone, is a particularly important part of our body.

If the heel bone tilts inward, this status is called “pronation.” If it’s angle is abnormally large, it is called “excessive pronation,” which causes the physical malady called flat foot. As the loading point shifts to the big toe side, bunions often worsen.

Excessive pronation also may give rise to the ailment technically known as hallux rigidus. This causes the root of the big toe to ache. Another is called knee osteoarthritis. This causes the knee-joint cartilage to become worn. Another ailment is technically known as plantar fasciitis. This causes irritation in the plantar fascia.

Moreover, the state in which the heel bone tilts outward is called “supination.” If its angle is highly abnormal, the state is called “excessive supination.” People with excessive supination tend to have abnormally steep plantar arches. This causes the root of the toes to ache. This symptom is called “high arch.”

LINN-S keeps your heels straight by properly aligning them and ensures that our big toe maintains the correct range of motion to prevent bone dislocation and skeleton misalignment. LINN-S will help you stand upright in the correct posture which is naturally beautiful for human beings, and will improve your vital functions.