Walk on the beach under the bright, shining morning sun.
Select fresh foods at the Whole Foods Market.
Spend your weekend enjoying yoga.
Take a vacation to go to Sedona.From time to time, allow yourself quietly to feel the energy of nature, and stride through the ground with an active spirit.More naturally,
More fashionably,
Live your life like you wantThat’s the life style LINN-S suggests.
Your toes  firmly grip the ground.
LINN-S has adopted a style that separates the big toe from the second toe to prevent bunions.You will feel the earth’s energy through the thinly designed soles.
According to ancient Asian medical techniques, stimuli on the soles of your feet properly reorient your heart and body from the inside out.The fasteners called “kohaze” bring the freedom of fitting and fashion.

Designed along the lines of work shoes worn by Japanese laborers, LINN-S demonstrates perfect grip and mobility with its unique toe shape designed for any footing circumstances.

You’ll be able to walk freely as you please, even in places with bad footing.

Go anywhere and everywhere with LINN-S.

LINN-S’s shoe textile is designed in the motif of traditional Japanese patterns.

The ankle boots style combined with material reflecting Japanese spirit lets you show your individuality and fits all facets of urban life.

Kick the surface of the road or ride a bicycle as if you were barefoot. With LINN-S it’s possible.

Road conditions are accurately recognized by the sole and the information transmitted directly to your foot to give you a more enjoyable running and bicycling experience. Be more active with LINN-S.